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meet our nonprofit team

Scott/ President

Scott is a an honorably discharged former Green Beret with lots of useful experience from his extensive travels abroad.  He was also taught Spanish during his time in service, which has helped with coordinating charity events in Central and South America.

Scott also has a Bachelors of Arts degree, and has experience with graphic arts and videography.

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dana/ chief executive officer

Dana is an honorably discharged US Army veteran who has served overseas.

Dana's background in working with special education students, as well as her sociology degree & military experience, have made her an ideal nonprofit CEO.

Dana also helps run all of our nonprofit social media accounts, and is an active participant in our volunteer events abroad.

matt/ director

Matt is a military veteran who served honorably on several deployments with the US Army. 

Matt also has studied Spanish, which is useful during charity events abroad

Additionally, he has career experience in the field of water quality and safety equipment, which has been valuable in local and foreign community improvement projects. 

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Jeff/ director

Jeff is the technology expert of the team, due to his extensive training in the US Army.

He is an expert in communications and computer technology.

His skills are vital in helping maintain good communications of teammates during the veteran led charity events abroad.

Jane/ registered nurse

Jane has a bachelors degree in Sports & Nutrition, is a certified masseuse, and is a Registered Nurse.

She has years of experience working in the healthcare field and is a valuable asset when assisting with medical clinics abroad.

Jane the registered nurse of the
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