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Question: If I donate to your cause, what will my tax deduction be?

Answer: A tax deduction reduces an individual’s taxable income. To deduct donations, you must file a Schedule A with your tax form.  Based on the calculation from their income bracket, the individual pays a tax on the amount left over after deductions are subtracted.


Question:  What exactly does my donation go to? 


  • Funding local charity events for veterans.

  • Funding veteran led charity events abroad. 

  • Funding administrative costs, as well as filing necessary nonprofit documents, website maintenance, flyers, signs, awards. We keep this under 10% of our total budget.


Question:  Are only veterans allowed to join the Call In The Cavalry nonprofit? 

Answer:  We are happy to have both veterans and non veterans be apart of our team. We welcome all races, ages, religions (to include people who are not religious), genders and sexual orientations to volunteer or join our team. The more diverse we are as an organization, the better we will be able to serve the community. Please let us know what skills you can bring to the table, whatever they may be, so we can determine how best to utilize your efforts. 

Question: What sort of "skills" are you looking for when people volunteer or join the team?

Answer: All skills are welcome, although we are currently looking for help with filing the nonprofit forms (CPA), or people with experience in fundraising. All ideas are welcome. 

Question: Can I go on a charity trip abroad with Call In The Cavalry?

Answer: Yes. We are always looking for people who want to go and physically volunteer abroad during our yearly charity event to Central or South America. Knowing some Spanish is also a plus, and could be a good excuse for you to practice up a little.

QuestionCan I volunteer a local vet for the "Call In The Cavalry Veteran Of The Year Award" that you give away?

Answer: Absolutely. If you know of a military veteran who is already helping the community or bettering other peoples lives, we would love to hear about him or her. Please just fill out a contact form and we'll happily consider them for the award and gifts.

Question: Do you offer any assistance with PTSD in veterans?

AnswerUnfortunately, we don't have any accredited psychologists on our team at this time and therefore are reluctant to offer this type of service for veterans. With that said, several of our members have experienced PTSD after several combat deployments and would be more than happy to talk to any veteran about their personal experiences and first hand knowledge regarding PTSD. Sometimes hearing another veteran speak about their PTSD, can be very beneficial to them. Please fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you shortly.

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