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welcome to call in the cavalry

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We are a veteran run nonprofit organization that focuses on helping military veterans through either direct assistance, or by offering military veterans a chance to volunteer together and build camaraderie during charity events abroad.

Through our veteran led community improvement projects abroad, we aim to build relationships with the people in neighboring countries and also help create goodwill towards the US.

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veteran run nonprofit

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Since a vast majority of our nonprofit teammates are military veterans, our team has a large array of skillsets to help tackle veteran issues, as well as provide community support to our friends abroad.

Due to the fact that a lot of our military veterans have already been trained in conducting humanitarian operations in conflict areas, we are able to achieve a higher level of success in the community improvement operations that we undertake. 

A lot of our veteran members are eager to utilize their skills to plan and conduct local and foreign charity events to help others in need. 

Charity Work abroad

Our nonprofit aims to have at least one foreign charity event a year, in order to offer military veterans a chance to build relationships with other vets, as well as to continue to help create goodwill for the US abroad. 

Both veterans and non-veterans are welcome to fill out our contact form if you are interested in volunteering.

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